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US Green Card Photo(DV Lottery Photo)

U.S. DV Lottery is open now(deadline Nov 11, 2021).
Our online service tracks the most update to date requirements and help you make qualified photo.
Take photo with your smart phone and get qualified DV-2023 photo in seconds.
Guaranteed to be accepted on the U.S. official website.

US Green Card photo size requirements

Neutral Expression
Photo size
2 x 2in
Photo Pixel
600 × 600px
Photo DPI
300/600 DPI
Head Height
1 -1.375 in
Eye to Bottom
1 - 1.375 in
Must be in color
Taken in the last 6 months
No smiling
Eyes and Ears
Visible, no hide.
Not allowed.

Dont’t worry. Our technology can take care of all requirements.

How to make US Green Card photo with phone?

Take a photo for your upper body(smartphone camera is OK).

Upload it to our website and we convert it to passport photo in seconds.

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