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Singapore Visa photo size requirements

Neutral Expression
Photo size
35 x 45mm
Photo Pixel
413 × 531px
Photo DPI
300/600 DPI
Head Height
29 -34 mm
Must be in color
Taken in the last 6 months
No smiling
Eyes and Ears
Visible, no hide.
Not allowed.

Dont’t worry. Our technology can take care of all requirements.

How to make Singapore Visa photo with phone?

Take a photo for your upper body(smartphone camera is OK).

Upload it to our website and we convert it to passport photo in seconds.

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How to take Singapore Visa photo at home for free?

1. Take your photo with your phone, it is better to ask someone else to take photo for you.

2. Upload a photo to our site.

3. Our service will automatically convert your photo to standard Singapore Visa photo.

4. You can get a digital photo and a (10cm x 15cm)photo sheet to print at home.

Singapore Visa photo guidelines

Singapore Visa Photo Face and Posture Requirements

The positioning of the face and body in the photo for passport/visa photo is very important. You have to stand straight for the camera and look directly into the lens. Half-profile photos are not accepted and will result in application rejection.

Singapore Visa Photo Face expression Requirements

Keep your facial expressions plain, neutral. Don't smile. The mouth must be closed and the head must be kept straight (do not tilt it in any side!).Eyes When posing you have to have your eyes open and visible. Especially the colour of the iris must be visible. Make sure that there’s no ‘red eye’ effect in the photo. Also, you can't have hair in front of your eyes, so if you're wearing bangs — lean it aside.

Singapore Visa Photo Hair Requirements

There are no special guidelines for hairstyles on passport/visa photos. The hair may be tense or loose, but it must not cover the face. Even a small fragment of it. It is best to brush them backwards, but the ears needn’t be visible. Remember that the forehead and eyebrows should be visible, so don’t cover eyebrows with hair.

Singapore Visa Photo Head Covering Requirements

For the photo you need to take off headcovers such as hats, headbands, caps. Religious headcovers are an exception. You can have them in your photo if you provide a certificate from your religious community. The rule, however, is that the religious headgear must not cover the face.

Singapore Visa Photo Shadows Requirements

It is very important that there are no shadows on your passport/visa photo. Make sure that they are not on your face, shoulders or in the photo background.

Singapore Visa Photo Eyeglasses Requirements

Eyeglasses on most passport/visa photos are not allowed.

Singapore Visa Photo Background Requirements

The photo must be in color and the background should be white/off-white.

What to wear on Singapore Visa photo?

The color of the clothes and the background color should not be the same. The Clothes are better with sleeves, you can wear the short-sleeved shirt in summer. Don’t wear clothes with a low neckline. Try to put on clothes with a normal pattern. If you want your passport to be perfect, you can wear a formal dress. The passport uses the time to be relatively long, make sure the photograph should look better. These tips can help you to get a pretty passport photo.

Singapore Visa photo app is an convenient app to make Singapore Visa photo. With, all you have to do is take a selfie and upload the photo, and our app will resize it, remove the background, and tweak the color readout a bit to make it look comfortable and meet the official requirements, you will get a perfect passport photo.

Tips to make Singapore Visa photo for baby

If your baby can’t sit, parents need to lay the baby on the bed, then take photos for the baby. There is an important mention, don’t take pictures of the baby with the flash on. Please make baby calm down and relax their faces.

Where to print Singapore Visa photo?

People can print Visa photo in convenient stores(walgreens, CVS or Amazon Prints). Please make sure you have a 4"x6"(10cmx15cm) photo sheet ready, otherwise, you need to pay service fee for taking photo, which is more than printing itself. With 4"x6"(10cmx15cm) photo sheet ready, you only need $0.35 or less. See this tutorial for how to get a photo sheet.

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Take photo with your smartphone. We convert it to your selected photo standard in seconds.


High quality passport photos is our first priority. We served the world for passport photo since 2019.

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Frequently asked question

Q:How much is the cost?

A: With, the cost for making a passport photo is $4.99 only. Convenience store, drug store or professional photo studios charges $12 and more.

Q:Do you provide printed photo?

A:We don't provide printed photo. We only provide digital photo and digital photo sheet. The 4x6 inch photo sheet can be printed at Amazon Print($0.3), Walgreen($0.45), CVS ($0.45) or with your printer. Printing at above stores is easy and can be ordered online.

Q:Can I try for free?

A:Yes, you can preview your photo for free! Pay only when you like it.

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