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Where passport photos can be taken?

There might be different options depending on where you live. Let's take a look at some of the most popular passport photo services in America. These include popular pharmacie chains that also offer passport photo services.

Professional photography studios

A professional photographer may be the best choice when you need a passport photograph. These professionals are known for their high quality work. Each photograph is taken by a professional who has not only the necessary knowledge but is also passionate about the subject.

Professional photography studios are a good source of passport photos. There is a very low chance of your passport application being rejected because of an inexact image. However, the service is not cheap. You might also need to schedule a meeting before the shoot. There is always the possibility that there are not enough photo studios in your local area.

Shops and pharmacies

You might use services from other places, which may seem counterintuitive to a professional studio. It might seem like this, but it isn't. For example, a common practice was to visit CVS Pharmacy or Walmart for a passport picture.

Target and Walmart are the most popular retail stores. You can get your passport photo taken at these locations for an affordable price, usually around $12.

This is the cost for a passport photo printing. However, there are simple tricks that can be used to get a lower price. Before you go to the nearest shop, verify that it is a member of the passport photo service program. Not all stores are included.

CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens are the top three pharmacies for passport photo services. As with retail shops, ensure that you check beforehand that the location where you plan to take a passport photo offers such a service.

Prices can vary depending on where you go, but they could be between $12 and $15. However, there is a way to get your passport pictures at Walgreens at a lower price.

Where can I find passport photos? FedEx and UPS shipping centres

You have another option to take your document photo. These are shipping centers like FedEx and UPS.

Although the photo services are offered in all areas, they may not be available at every location. Check out the websites to see if a FedEx or UPS office offers passport photos. You can also book your appointment online to avoid long lines.

FedEx also offers expedited passport renew services to help you speed up the process if you don't have the time. You can also have your passport photos printed for a few cents with FedEx photo services .

Post Offices & Passport Acceptance Services

Although the U.S. Post Office can be used to fill out passport applications, some passport acceptance agents working there can also take passport photos. This service is not very popular so it is important to verify before you go.

You can search for Passport Acceptance Facilities, which are often located at post offices. Passport Acceptance Facilities are places where you can do all your passport service needs, including obtaining information and submitting the final application. Many of these facilities offer photo services so that you can do everything in one place.

Where can I take a passport picture? AiPassportPhoto- At Home

All of the solutions mentioned above require you to dedicate your time for visits, the shoot itself and printing. You only get one shot, and each retake may incur additional costs. There is another way to get your passport picture. This method is more efficient and flexible for those who value flexibility and time savings.

AiPassportPhoto is an AI-backed, fully automated software that creates passport photos for you. It conforms to all requirements. You can upload your photo and have it transformed into a passport image. This app is free and allows you to do as many retakes and edits as you like.

We can crop photos to the required size and remove background. You can take any photo you want, and we will resize it with a white background.

Our app can correct small errors and imperfections to bring your photo up to the standards required by the passport office. In less than an hour, you'll see a preview of your fixed photo. You can now choose to order printed photos or download it and print it as soon as possible.

We can scan your photos and provide information from passport offices around the globe. You only need a smartphone or digital camera to use our app to submit your next application.

AiPassportPhoto offers a guarantee that your passport photo will be accepted. In the rare event that it is denied, you can get a double refund.

See what other users have to say about the software. The uploads are completely free and you pay only for the final result.

Wrap up: Where can I get a passport picture?

When deciding where to get your passport photo, there are several things you need to consider.

A professional photographer is the best choice if you desire to get the best quality photos.

Because of their convenience, pharmacies and retail shops are both available to you if you need to get the shot done quickly.

You can also have shipping centers do the job, and you can book online.

Passport Photo Online, however, is the best option if you are looking for all of the benefits mentioned.

FAQ: Where can I get a passport picture?

Are you looking for passport photos? We will close by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about passport photos.

Walgreens can I take a passport picture?

Many Walgreens locations offer a passport photo service. How to obtain a passport photo from Walgreens ?

Is it possible to get a passport photograph at the Post Office

You may find a Passport Acceptance Facility in some Post Offices. This facility often offers an on-the spot passport photo service.

Can I obtain a passport photograph at CVS

Yes, it is possible to take a passport picture at CVS pharmacy chain. It is not possible to take a passport photo at every location. However, it is advisable to check before you go. 

Walmart allows me to take a photo of my passport.

Walmart stores often have photo studios that can be used to take your passport picture. You don't need to make an appointment, so you can take the picture at any time. This guide will show you how to take a Walmart passport picture for only a few cents.

Can I get a passport picture at Costco

Costco's in-store photo studios have been closed since February 2021. Costco locations are no longer able to take passport photos. You can instead use the services offered by Walmart or other retail stores.

Is it possible to take a passport picture at home?

There are many ways to obtain a passport picture at home. AiPassportPhoto is an online tool that will convert your photo into a passport photo.

AAA can I take a passport picture?

AAA branches can take your passport photo. All official requirements are met by the photographs. The service is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

Is there a better place to take a passport picture?

You can obtain a passport photograph from many places, including professional studios, retail stores, and online. AiPassportPhoto is a fast and easy way to get your passport photo.

Where can I take a passport picture of a baby?

You can either go to a photo studio or take it at home if you need a passport photo. 

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