Size of Wallet Photo vs Passport Photo

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Size of the wallet photo

A wallet photo is a small picture that you carry in your wallet. It's usually enclosed within a clear plastic window to protect it.

Manufacturers of wallets are free to make any size window they like. There is no limit on the features that can be included in their wallet windows. Many windows and pockets can hold credit cards and driver's licenses, which are larger than photos.

However, in the world of photo printing, there is a standard photo size that has been accepted by the industry as the "wallet-size" photo. That size is 2x3inches. If you ask for wallet-size prints in any American drugstore or retail store that has a photo services department, most people will assume that you are talking about 2x3 inch photos. They will fit in most wallets.

Photo of Wallet:Cost

This 2x3 wallet-sized image is actually printed on a 4x6 inch photo. The 4x6 glossy glossy photo includes four identical 2x3 photos. To separate the images into four photos of wallet size, you will need to use a pair of scissors or a knife.

Walgreens Drugs, CVS Pharmacies, and Walgreens Drugs charge 99c for four (2) 2x3 wallet-sized photos printed onto one 4x6 inch print. This is about 25c per image, which is quite a bargain.

Size of passport photo

Other countries may have different requirements regarding passport photo sizes. The standard American passport size is 2x2 inches or 50x50mm. The standard size for passport-sized photos in the United States is 2x2 inches (or 50x50 mm). Find out more about the U.S. passport photos here.

This size is not used by many countries. Most other countries use the metric system. The Canadian passport size is 50x70mm (2x2 3/4 inches), while the European passport size is 35x45mm.

Passport photo: Cost

Pairs of passport photos are often sold. At the US post office, two (2) identical 2x2 inch US passport photographs are $15. This is quite common. Walgreens charges $14.99 for a pair and CVS $16.99 to purchase a pair.

Walmart might have the best price for everyday, with passport photos printed at $7.44 USD. This is half the price of U.S. Post Office, but much more than wallet-sized photos.

It is tempting to think that you can save money by printing four passport-style photos of your entire face in 4x3 wallet-sized photos for 99c. You can easily trim the photos down to 2x2 inches square passport photos using sharp scissors. It is possible, but it isn't as simple as it sounds. You want to know why? Do you want to find out why passport photos can be so costly? Continue reading to learn more.

Passport photo: Specifications

The drugstore will print a wallet-sized photo of your loved ones. You can have a close-up or a long shot, and it can even be taken on the beach or in bed. Passport photos must, however, meet certain requirements.

First, the background for a U.S. passport picture must be completely white without any shadows or patterns. A pull-down white screen is available at the pharmacy photo center. However, if you prefer to take your own picture, a wall of plain white will do.

The subject's size within the photograph is more difficult. The subject should be within the photograph, but not too close. Additionally, the image of the head must measure between 1 and 1 3/8 inches in height. Even though it is possible to cut the image to the correct size, you must first ensure that the image within your 2x2 inch frame is correctly sized. This is where the problem lies.

There are two ways to accomplish this. The ideal distance to take a photograph is usually between 4 and 6 feet. This is why it can be helpful to have someone who has experience with this, such as a pharmacist associate. They have done it a million times and know the exact distances.

You can resize the image with image editing software like Photoshop. There are many online tutorials that will help you. Your local photo center will not only crop your photo to passport size, but they will also run it through a biometric scanner that verifies that the photo meets the requirements of the US Department of State regarding passport photos.

You can also use simple online tools like Passport Photo Online. PPO makes it easy. It's also affordable.

Passport Photo Online

Passport Photo online allows you to take passport photos and pay 45% less than what you would spend at the pharmacy. It is even cheaper than Walmart Passport Photo Online can resize, crop, and verify that your photo is US-compliant. It will also fine-tune the color, contrast, or exposure. PPO inspects every photo with expert eyes before giving it final approval.

Your perfect passport photo will be emailed to your email as a JPEG in just 3 seconds. Two (two) 2x2 photos are combined onto a template that can be used to create a single 4x6 inch print. Print it and cut the images according to our guidelines.

Passport Photo Online guarantees that their work will be accepted at the passport office. Passport Photo Online will reimburse you twice the amount paid if your passport photos are rejected. We can also print your photos for you, and mail them to you if you are unable to make it to the print shop. It's so convenient!

Wallet photos vs passport photos: wrap-up

The wallet-sized photo may be similar in size to the US and Canadian passport photos, but it is different. You can reduce a wallet-sized print to match the size of an American or Canadian passport photo. However, it is important to ensure that the image's scale is correct: the face must not be too close to the camera, the distance should not be too great, and there is enough headroom.

Passport Photo Online is a great resource for DIY passport photos. A perfect passport photo will be delivered in the correct 2x2 inch size. You can also get 4x6 prints at Walgreens or Walmart. Get started now on your passport application

FAQ: Passport photos and wallet photos

What is the average size for a photo pocket inside a wallet?

Many wallets come with pockets to hold driving licenses and credit cards. These pockets are usually larger than the typical wallet-sized photo. You can also use these plastic sleeves to hold your licenses and cards. The clear plastic windows that are made for wallet-sized photos measure just over 3x3 inches. They are perfect for taking pictures.

How do I print my passport photos?

You can take your digital camera, smartphone or memory card to any photo lab or drugstore and have your 2x2in US passport photo template printed on a standard 4x6in print. You can also log on to the store's online app or website and upload your photos. Then, all you need is an hour to pick them up.

Where can I print wallet photos?

Every photo lab that prints photos can print prints in perfect wallet size (approximately 2x3 inches). Walmart, Walgreens and Target are all good options. FedEx Office, UPS, Target and CVS have photo services that can print glossy color photos in any size.

How can I print passport-sized photos from my smartphone?

Many of the top photo labs will have an app available for smartphones. You can download the app to upload your photos! You can also use your smartphone to walk into your local print shop or pharmacy. You can use the kiosk at your local photo center in ten minutes.

Are wallet photos 2x2?

No, wallet photos can be enlarged to 2x3 inches. US passport photos are 2x2 inches. Passport Photo Online offers a 4x6 template for printing passport photos. It is affordable and can hold two 2x2 US passport photographs.

Disclaimer: Passport Photo Online's content is for informational purposes only. While we make every effort to keep the content current, we can't guarantee its accuracy and completeness. We recommend that you always check the government websites for the most current information.

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