What is the cost of a U.S. passport? Fees for Passports in 2022

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US Passport fees & costs

Passport fees can change at any time. The amount of the passport fees will depend on how fast you need it. It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to get your passport, and up to 8-12 weeks for the longest.

You can also get your passport faster (within 4-6 week). The passport expedited services cost $170. There is an agent fee of $35. It will cost $205 total.

US passport fees to 2022

You may be wondering why these fees and costs look exactly the same. Here's a list of explanations for the various US passport fees:

  • Acceptance agent fee: An acceptance agent, usually a country clerk or post office, verifies applicants' identities, reviews documents and checks signatures. You can pay the $35 fee in cash, check or credit card at the post office or clerk.
  • A new passport for adults 16 years and older: The $110 application fee and $35 execution fee are required to obtain a new adult passport book. Total cost is $145. You can also pay $60 to expedite your passport at the post office. The passport will be ready within 4-6 weeks.
  • Passport Cards for adults 16 years and older:Applications and execution fees are $30, $35 and total $65. This applies only to passport holders who have never held a passport. To apply for a passport card via mail if you have one, fill out Form DS-82.
  • Replacement passport: If your passport is lost, stolen, or damaged, you will need to pay the same fee as for a new one. The application fee is $110 and the execution fee $35. The total fee is $145.
  • Passports are available for children below 16. The application fee is $80, and the execution fee $35. A total of $115.
  • Passport cards for children below 16 years old: The application fee is $15, and the execution fee $35, $50.
  • Passport renewal (by mail): The fee for renewing your passport by mail remains $110. Passport renewals are available only for adult passports (10 year validity), less 5 years old and undamaged.
  • Passport Card by Mail: The cost is $30, as there is no execution fee.
  • Express Passport Services Do your passport need to be ready in less than 1-12 weeks? A standard processing time for expedited passports is 4-6 weeks via the post office. There are other options if you need your passport faster. Continue reading the chapter below.

What is the cost to obtain a US passport quicker?

Some companies offer expedited services if you need a passport in less than 4 weeks. The government fees prices have increased, so you'll need to pay $60 more for forms such as this. This is in addition to your standard expedited fee.

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