What are the requirements for a Deaf Driver's License?

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Deaf driver's license - Rules

Many people find the notion of a deaf driver so ridiculous that it's hard to believe. Many people don't believe someone with impaired hearing can safely drive in the same way as those who have normal hearing. But, in reality, good eyesight is just as important as hearing when it comes to driving.

If you are curious about how deaf people handle sounds like sirens, honking and background noises or ambulances or fire trucks, here's the answer: There are many hearing aids that can help.

There are many electronic devices, such as electronic devices that use lighted panels, to alert the driver about outside sounds. Deaf drivers should also be aware of flashing lights and cues coming from other drivers. Communication with police officers is another issue.

A lot of Americans who are deaf carry state-issued cards with the words "I am Deaf or Hard of Hearing" on them. These cards are presented to police officers in order to inform them that they are hearing impaired. Some people rely on lipreading and don't even carry cards.

Restrictions for hearing impaired driving

Deaf drivers must follow the same steps that hearing drivers when applying for a license. Deaf drivers must inform the DMV about any hearing impairments.

Before applying for a driver's license, people who are hard of hearing must report the matter to their local Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV will determine if a driver license card needs to include a "hearing aid" or "full-view mirror (F] restriction". A driver license issued to a person who is deaf will include the international symbol for the deaf or a numerical code.

A restriction on a driver's license means that an individual must use a hearing aid to drive. The car must also have full-view mirrors. DMV requirements must be met for mirrors both inside and out.

Many schools for the deaf offer safety and driver education programs. You can find a local driving school for the hard of hearing to assist you in completing the application process for your driver's license.

It is an optional option, but a deaf driver can apply for the International Symbol of Access for Hearing Loss (ISAHL) to be added to their license.

Photo requirements for driver's license

We mentioned that hearing impaired people follow the same steps to obtain their driver's licence as hearing people. There may be additional steps beyond the standard application. For example, in New Jersey Form BA-208 must also be completed along with verification from a doctor that the person has hearing impairment.

Photo requirements for driver license cards are similar to other documents. The photo must be in color, 2'' x in size and taken on a white background without accessories or headwear.

All document photos can now be taken online using an app and a mobile phone. If you are interested in learning how to take your driver's license photo at-home without needing to go to a photo booth or drugstore, continue reading.

Passport Photo Online

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You can choose to have a printed copy of your document photo sent to you at $6.95 or a digital print-ready version sent to you at $9.95. You can be 100% certain that your photos will be accepted at the Department of Motor Vehicles. If they are rejected, which they most likely won't, you'll get double what you paid.

Yahoo! Glamour and Forbes have all praised AiPassportPhoto. You can use our photo tool to get your driver's license photo approved by authorities if you are applying for one.


In summary, deaf people can still apply for driver's licenses, regardless of preconceptions. Different hearing aids are available to deaf drivers, which can help them in different situations, such as being able hear emergency sirens and background noise.

Deaf people tend to be more visually able and are often more concerned about safety on the roads, which can make them better drivers than their hearing counterparts.


What are the restrictions on deaf drivers?

Some deaf drivers may have the international symbol for the deaf or a numerical code on their license.

Can a deaf person get a driver license?

Yes, deaf people can apply for driver's licenses and drive a car.




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