How do I renew an expired Indian passport within the US?

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Two major forms are required to be completed with care:

  • The official NRI passport application form.
  • The VFS Global order form.

These forms can be filled online. This process is not mobile-friendly so it is highly recommended you use a desktop or laptop computer. VFS Global will require you to create an account.

Both forms can be completed in any order.

Start with the government application first. You will receive the Application Reference Number (ARN), which you will need to complete the VFS Global order.

However, if you begin with the VFS first, their online widget will automatically populate much of your information into government forms for you. This is nice.

This means that you might need to switch between forms multiple times. Be prepared for frustration.

You can submit the forms online but both must be printed and signed. This is quite a number of documents.

Renew your Indian passport

The third document required is a checklist listing all the documents you will need to complete your application. The checklist should be printed, completed, signed, and checked. All documents included in your application must be stacked according to the order shown on the checklist. Here's the complete list:

  • Completed VFS Order Form
  • The checklist
  • Signed and printed copy of the Online Application Form
  • Three copies of the completed Nationality Verification Form.
  • Three recent color photos. These must be 51mm x 51mm.
  • Notarized color photocopy of your US visa or work permit.
  • The original passport you want to renew. It will be returned with your new passport.
  • Photocopies in color of the first five pages and last two (2) pages of your passport.
  • To cover fees, a money order must be placed in the correct amount.
  • You can download shipping labels from VFS to be used for the delivery of your passport.

Additional documents are optional

The highest qualification degree: New Indian passports default to ECNR (Emigration check Not Required). However, if your passport has ECR (Emigration Control Required), you will need your education details. This includes a copy of your most recent degree (e.g., a PhD or MBA). The copy must be self-certified (i.e. Signed, but not notarized. Even if you are not an ECNR, you can still submit it.

You can request proof of US address. In this case, you will need to attach a copy your lease or mortgage, any recent utility bills, and your US-issued ID.

You will need proof of India address. If you have to change your Indian address, please include a copy your Indian driving licence, Aadhar card or any recent utility bills.

Only if you wish to add your spouse to your passport with a marriage certificate

Additional documents may be required depending on the complexity of your case.

If you have children who need to renew their passports, you will need to send color copies of their birth certificates.

There are two forms that can be used to change your name.

You may need to submit a notarized statement if your appearance has significantly changed since your last passport.

You will need to upload eight (8) passport photos if your passport has been expired for longer than three years.


You can save time and money by taking passport photos yourself. To get professional photos quickly, use an online photo booth such as AiPassportPhoto. It is easier to take pictures at home. The online passport application will guide you through the process. It's simple and fun to use. All you need is a smartphone and a white background. The Republic of India's passport agency will accept the results.

Summary on an expired Indian passport

Everyone agrees that the VFS website and the government site are "clunky" and not as user-friendly. This is definitely one of the most complex passport renewal programs I've encountered in my research. You should allow plenty of time for the application process.


How do you renew your Indian passport in the U.S. once it has expired?

To renew your Indian passport in the U.S. you must first decide in which VFS Global jurisdiction you wish to apply. Next, you need to fill out an online application with VFS Global. Then, choose the passport service that interests you, complete the VFS Global form and attach any supporting documents. Finally, pay the passport application fee.

Remember that your Indian passport must be verified by the police if it expired more than three years ago.

Is it possible to obtain a new passport in less than a month?

You could receive your passport within 30 days depending on where you live in the US. New York City and Washington, D.C. have the fastest processing times. Other places will take anywhere from six to twelve weeks to process, depending on where you live.

Can I renew my passport in person at the nearest consulate or embassy?

It's not true. No walk-ins allowed. New appointments cannot be made. VFS Global must handle all US passport renewals for Indian citizens.

Is it necessary to keep my passport?

YES! Yes! Your valid US visa will still be in your old passport. This visa is required to enter the US. Make sure you have both passports.

My Indian passport was lost in the U.S.A. What should I do?

If your Indian passport has been expired while you are in the U.S., VFS Global will need to renew it.

Is it possible to stay in the U.S.A. with an Indian passport that has expired?

Yes, you can remain in the U.S. even if your Indian passport has expired. As long as your U.S visa status remains valid. Your visa can still be obtained even if your passport is expired.

Can an Indian passport be extended in the U.S.A?

If your passport is about to expire, or all pages are full, you can apply via VFS Global for an Indian passport extension.

Is it possible to renew an expired Indian passport in the U.S.A?

You can renew an expired Indian passport in the U.S. through VFS Global. A new police verification will be required if your passport has been inactive for more than three years.

What happens if my Indian passport is lost or stolen while I'm abroad?

If your Indian passport expires while you are in another country, contact the nearest Indian consulate immediately. There will be different procedures for Indian passport renewal depending on where you are located.

What happens to my Indian passport if it expires in America?

You must apply immediately for a VFS Global passport renewal if your Indian passport expires. You don't need to panic, because you can still travel to the U.S. with valid visa status.

Is it possible to renew my Indian passport in New Jersey?

New York's VFS Global office, which has consular jurisdiction over New Jersey, is located at 145 W 45th Street on the 3rd Floor. To find out if passport applications are accepted via mail, online or both, contact VFS Global New York.

How do you extend a passport from India in the U.S.A?

You must contact VFS Global to extend your Indian passport in America.

VFS Global will require you to complete an online application. You'll need your completed checklist and a signed checklist. Once you have chosen your passport service, fill in the VFS Global form. Attach any supporting documents and pay the appropriate passport service fees.

You will need to undergo a police verification if your passport has been inactive for more than 3 years.

Is it possible to renew my Indian passport in Atlanta?

Yes, there is an Atlanta VFS Global office at 1200 Altmore Avenue in Sandy Springs. To find out if they accept online or mail-in applications, contact the office.

Is it possible to renew an Indian passport in the United States?

Yes. Your Indian passport can be renewed in America via VFS Global. This is possible online or by mail depending on the conditions at the VFS Global location.

What is the Indian passport renewal fee in the U.S.A?

You will need to pay three (3) separate fees in order to renew your Indian passport in America. The application fee is $75 for a regular passport (36 pages), or $100 for a jumbo (60 pages), and the Indian Community Welfare Fund fee, $2. Next, a $15.90 service fee.

The cost of renewing your Indian passport in the U.S. is $92.90 (regular) or $117.90 (jumbo passport).

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