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Near me, photo booth for passport

People will picture a photo booth that is used to take passport photos when they hear the words "photo booth for passports". This is a typical form of a photo kiosk.

The best thing about passport photo machines is their proximity to major transportation hubs. Customers can take their passport photos even while they are doing other activities such as grocery shopping or going to work.

The most common locations for passport photo booths in the UK

  • Tesco photo booth with Max Spielmann
  • Timpson stores
  • Sainsbury's photo center
  • Morrisons Stores
  • Railway/metro stations
  • Photo-me machines
  • Shopping centers, such as Putney Exchange

Based on their current location, British residents and citizens can locate the nearest passport booth. Many passport machines provide future applicants with a digital number that they can use to submit their passport image online.

The UK photo kiosks don't require appointments. Future passport holders have the option to take as long as they like (e.g. to style their hair) and get their passport photos ready for them immediately. The cost is usually lower than PS10. This is a time- and money-saver compared to professional photographers studios.

Photo booths for digital passports

Some things are impossible for even the most sophisticated passport photo machines to do.

  • You can take a photo from any location you wish.
  • Remove imperfections (such shadows and objects)
  • Photographs of baby passports

This is where a new definition for a photo booth enters play.

You can keep a photo box with you at all times. It is easily accessible from any location, including your smartphone.

Digital passport photo machines allow users to convert their photos into UK passport photos in just a few clicks. To ensure that the app is accepted, it follows the most recent passport photo regulations as set out by the British government.

AiPassportPhoto is the closest biometric booth.

While there are many options to choose from when looking for a passport photo kiosk, AiPassportPhoto would be a better choice in terms of innovation and user-friendliness

AiPassportPhoto allows you to take passport photos online in the UK or worldwide. It has more than 400 templates for ID identity documents.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Photos of driver's license

This program provides images that are suitable for UK passport applications.

This app is different from other apps because it accurately removes background, a compliance test that ensures that HM Passport Office accepts photographs and the amount of time needed to process them.

AiPassportPhoto is available in just 3 seconds

  • Runs an initial compliance test
  • Crop the photo to the right size
  • It replaces any background with plain white

Customers also get a manual adjustment and verification. A human expert will examine the photograph to make sure it meets the UK passport standards. Our experts will also take care of any minor flaws, such as shadows, or objects in the photo.

AiPassportPhoto is a great tool for taking baby passport photos. AiPassportPhoto can be used to take passport photos of your baby without you having to go to a photo studio.

British residents and citizens will no longer need to travel to appointments. They can stay at home and take passport photos with their mobile phones. You can take unlimited photos and pay only for the final product. Do you prefer digital or print copies? We can supply both depending on your requirements. We do all of this to ensure our customers are completely satisfied.

Closed thoughts: Passport photo booth close to me

The UK has many passport photo machines that are easy to find, affordable, and easily accessible. These machines can be difficult to find if you're not a keen photo box fan.

British citizens don't have to rely solely on traditional passport photo kiosks. You can ask someone to take a picture with your smartphone, and then use AiPassportPhoto to obtain passport photos anytime, anywhere.


Here are the answers to some of the most common questions regarding passport photo kiosks in the UK.

Is there a passport booth at Sainsbury's?

Yes, customers can print and take passport photos at Sainsbury's supermarkets.

Is Asda equipped with a passport booth?

Yes, Asda also has photo centres at select locations that have passport booths.

Are passport photo booths able to take cards?

Yes, most passport photo machines accept card payments, including Max Spielmann's.

Are Morrison's photo booths digitalized?

Although the photo kiosks at Morrisons are not digital, they do offer the option of digital passport photos.

What is the cost of a passport booth?

A passport photo taken at a photo booth starts at PS6 per pair.

Is it possible to get a digital photograph from a photo booth?

A kiosk can provide a digital copy for your passport. When taking a photo, be sure to choose this option.

Is there a London passport machine?

London residents can locate passport photo machines at multiple locations throughout London by using an online store searcher.

How to use a photobooth?

A photo box is not difficult to use. The screen will only require the user to follow the audio and visual instructions. The automatic camera adjustment makes it easy to take a photo in a matter of seconds.

Which shops have photo booths available?

The most well-known UK shops that sell photo boxes are:

  • Morrisons
  • Sainsbury's
  • Tesco
  • Asda

Brits will find at least one passport photo booth that is a serf-service. You can find the nearest passport photo kiosk right from your home if none of these shops is available.

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