How to Take the Perfect Student ID Photo?

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Student ID card - benefits


Faced with numerous school shootings in the United States, student IDs are once more a topic of conversation to ensure safety on campuses.

Students should have ID cards around their necks every day to help in times of crisis. This may allow them to identify any suspects and possibly avoid violence.

However, some argue that these measures are similar to "security theater". This term refers to practices that aim to increase the sense of security by restricting or imposing certain behaviors, but have little to do with actual protection.

Building community and school spirit

People, particularly young adults of college age, want to feel part of a larger community. As something they are proud of, they embrace the school's symbols and colors. Students may feel more connected if they share the same school ID format.


A student ID card can grant you access to many cultural events, depending on where you live and what school you are enrolled at.

A student ID can also be very helpful when you use public transport. The tickets are cheaper. A school ID card is often enough to allow you to sign up for a gym membership, or an Internet plan at a reduced price.

These discounts extend beyond your country of residence. As a student at a high school, college or university, you may be eligible for rebates and lower admission fees when traveling abroad.

What you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do on your student ID photo

Now that you are ready to apply for your school ID let's review the basic requirements for aperfect ID photo.

Remember that the photo must be at least:

  • 2 x 2 inches in size
  • In a PNG (or JPEG format),
  • Taken in color,
  • If you are sending a digital copy of your photograph, it must be printed on high-qualitypaper
  • Must not be older than 6 month.

All document-style photos must be taken from a fresh perspective. Why dig out a photo from years ago? You can snap the perfect shot at home in just minutes.

These are some tips to help you look your best on your student ID photo.

You Should Definitely:

  • Smile and be natural. You'll be showing off your ID card often so you want to make a good impression.
  • If there is one, follow it.
  • Choose a moderate grooming style - ensure your hair and makeup look great, if you have any.
  • You can sit or stand in front of a gray or white background.
  • To look confident and proud in your photo, sit down or stand straight.

You Absolutely SHOULD NOT:

  • Reflective glasses are recommended as the glare in the photograph may be distracting. To reduce the glare, tilt your head a little lower if you are unable to take off your glasses.
  • You should not wear any accessories or scarves that cover your face.
  • You can party the night before, yes, college is full of opportunities to party, but it's best not to go out the night prior. It could leave you feeling sloppy the next day.
  • Unnatural facial expressions can lead to seductive gazes or worse, the "duckface". Natural is the best way to look!
  • Do not wear heavy makeup, but leave the celebrity makeup at home for your night out.

You can get your student ID photo at home

The AiPassportPhoto tool is a quick and affordable way to take a photo of your student ID card. You will only need your smartphone and an app to take your picture.

AiPassportPhoto AI will check your photo and verify that it is accurate. This service is affordable as it saves you about 30% compared to traditional photo-taking methods. You'll also receive twice the amount if your school rejects your photo.

This tool allows you to take unlimited photos until you find the perfect one. You can relax and just take your photo, without worrying about being rushed by a pharmacist or photographer.

Take a look at the ID student photo tool to get your perfect picture from the comfort of your couch.


You can start a new adventure by enrolling at a college or university in your home country, or you can go further and apply for an International Student ID Card to take with you on any international trip. There are many amazing opportunities that come with a student ID card.

Numerous discounts, such as free or reduced entry to movies, music festivals, cultural events, museums and other venues, will be available.

A student ID card can help you connect with your college/university community, and may even make it easier to integrate with other students.

Make US Passport Photo
Make US Passport Photo