Passport Renewal: FedEx vs USPS

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Renew your passport with FedEx and USPS - shipping convenience

FedEx is second to USPS in this area. You can print shipping labels and postage signs at home.

The key difference between FedEx and USPS is the fact that FedEx has access to virtually every mailbox and box at post offices.

FedEx has fewer drop-off and pickup locations than USPS and its employees are prohibited from touching mailboxes. FedEx packages often end up on your porch, or next to your front door.

FedEx, however, offers weekend delivery, unlike USPS. This allows the nearest passport acceptance agent to receive the passport renewal application even on Saturdays.

USPS and FedEx: Package tracking for passport renewal

Both companies permit you to track packages, so that you can monitor your passport application remotely via the Internet.

Websites such as SiteJabber and Consumer Affairs indicate that both FedEx Ship Manager and USPS tracking systems can be improved in terms of system stability and timings for package updates.

Renew your passport with FedEx and USPS - Fees

The Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope is the best and most cost-effective option for sending your passport renewal application via USPS. The Priority Mail Express Flat-Rate Envelope is cheaper and offers a tracking system as well as a guaranteed delivery date.

You'll find information about both US services below:

  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope $8.95 to ensure your passport arrives within 3 (three) business day.
  • Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope $23.50 to ensure your passport arrives within 2 (two) days after 6 pm.
  • FedEx offers several services that will ensure your passport renewal application arrives at the passport agency on time, safe, sound, & secure. These services will cost you approximately 10% more than the USPS.
  • FedEx Express Saver Envelope Express Saver – $9.80 to send your passport to its destination in 3 (three) days
  • FedEx Envelope 2-Day AM - $26.55 for passport delivery before 10 a.m. in 2 (two days)
  • FedEx Standard Overnight FedEx Envelope Standard - $28.55 (arrival by 3:00 pm the next day)
  • FedEx Envelope Priority Overnight – $35.05 (arrival by 10 a.m. the next day)
  • FedEx First Overnight FedEx Envelope - $81.05 (arrival the next day before 8:30am)

Renew your passport: FedEx vs USPS - shipping insurance

FedEx is the better option for shipping insurance. It's safer and more secure than USPS. FedEx will send your passport to the right place.

The insurance policy covers $100 without any additional cost. Packages worth $300 will incur a $3 surcharge. Each additional $100 will incur an additional $1.

The table below shows the costs of USPS Insurance policy.

  • Purchase postage at the USPS website or at the post office and get $50 insurance
  • Up to $50 in value - $1.65
  • Values from $50.01 up to $100.00 - $2.05
  • Values from $100,01 up to $200 - $2.45
  • Values from $200,01 up to $300 - $4.60

Each $100 more in value will result in an additional $0.90 for shipping insurance to your passport application.

AiPassportPhoto - A perfect passport photo

You will need to submit a renewal application for your passport. To do this, you will need to upload a new passport picture.

You can download a free passport photo template that you can print at your local printing shop. You can turn any photo on your phone into a passport image for $4.99.

AiPassportPhoto can help you organize the perfect passport photo to send to the passport acceptance facility. If it is invalid, you will be able to get a 200% reimbursement.

FedEx vs USPS: Who is faster?

FedEx is the best option for passport applications that need to be delivered quickly. Their expertise with overnight delivery is an advantage. They are still a reliable option for sticking to delivery dates, judging by the SiteJabber reviews and Consumer Affairs reviews.

If you're not in a hurry and are able to wait 2 (two), or 3 (three), days, USPS is still an option.

Summary of Passport Renewal: FedEx vs USPS

FedEx and USPS can both help you mail your passport and complete the renewal request.

FedEx can deliver documents to their destination in 1 (one) days. FedEx's tracking system, customer service and package insurance are better than those of the USPS.

If you have a tight budget and want to save around 10% while still enjoying the ease of ordering a shipment, USPS is a great option.

Renew passports: FedEx vs USPS - FAQ

Below are the top questions that people ask about renewing passports via FedEx or USPS shipping.

FedEx or USPS?

FedEx is the best choice if you want your passport application to be delivered quickly at the passport agency. They have extensive experience with overnight delivery. FedEx even offers weekend shipping.

You could save as much as 1,5 (one-and-a-half) days compared to the fastest USPS services. They also offer a more well-respected tracking system and better customer service.

USPS is a more cost-effective and convenient option for sending and receiving mail. You can also get $50 insurance for your package by purchasing postage from the USPS or at the post office.

Which is more affordable: USPS passport renewal or FedEx passport renewal?

USPS is cheaper than FedEx for passport renewals. If you are looking for a cheaper option, USPS is a better choice.

Make US Passport Photo
Make US Passport Photo