Questions and Answers about U.S. Passport Photos

aipassportphoto.com / 2023-01-17

What are the requirements to take a passport picture?

Let's start with the most confusing issue regarding passport photos--official regulations. Passport applicants spend a lot of time creating the perfect passport photo. Inacceptable passport photos are the first reason for rejection . It is something we can overcome.

This is the basic list, divided into two categories.

Specific technical requirements

  • Size: 51mm x 51mm, 2 inches by 2 inches square
  • Only color pictures
  • Flat, even lighting without shadows or glare for the subject and background.
  • Background: White background (or off-white).
  • Photos should be high quality and have proper exposure, contrast, saturation, and saturation.
  • Print on high quality photographic paper with no streaks, blobs, or smears
  • Prints can't be damaged in any way. No tears or creases.

Compositional requirements

  • A passport photo must not be older than six (6) month and must look exactly like you. The background of the photo must be plain, uniform white (or offwhite) and have nothing else.
  • When taking the photo, wear everyday clothes. Exquisite or unusual clothing are not allowed. Only religious clothes are permitted.
  • Except for religious purposes, head coverings (e.g. hijabs and yarmulkes) are not allowed.
  • Your hair and jewelry should not obscure your face. On the passport photo, your entire face should be visible.
  • If your glasses are worn for medical reasons, which is supported by a signed physician's note, take them off. Take out headphones and earbuds.
  • With your eyes closed and shoulders straight, look directly at the camera.
  • Don't smile in the photograph. You should keep your facial expressions natural and neutral.

Although all of this might seem simple, applicants may have additional questions about specific aspects or specifications of the U.S. Photos of passports. We will also answer your questions!

What does it mean to have a passport qualified photo?

This is a photo that meets the requirements for passport photos. It can be used in a passport. You will be asked to substitute a passport-quality photo in your application if it is not acceptable.

What are the guidelines for passport photos of children?

The passport photos of children are subject to slightly different regulations than those for adults. The most significant difference is the baby's facial expression.

The infant's eyes don't have to be open completely. They also do not need to be centered. Although their facial expressions may seem a bit strange, authorities should still be able recognize them. Their face should be clearly visible without any toys or pacifiers.

All children must follow the official requirements for passport photographs.

Are passport photos possible with makeup?

Both men and women can wear makeup on passport photos as long as it's subtle and natural-looking. It doesn't matter how you look, it is important that you are exactly like you are. 

What is the size of a passport photograph?

A biometric photograph must be included with your application for a U.S. passport. It should measure exactly 2x2 inches in size. While other countries may have different requirements, the American requirement is 2x2inches. For those who prefer the metric system, this works out to 51 mm x 51 mm.

FedEx Office and the U.S. Post Office are expensive services. They will automatically reduce it to 2"x2". AiPassportPhoto offers a template that can be used to save money. It has the cut lines marked at 2"x2", and you just need a pair of scissors.

What is a passport-style photograph?

The phrase "passport-style photograph" is often used. This expression has a specific meaning. This means the subject faces the camera directly in the "enface" view. It is not like a portrait-style shot where one side of the subject is angled towards the camera.

This means that the lighting is even and flat, without the dramatic shadows in portraits. It is important that the subject's expression is natural and neutral. There should be no smiling or looking up from below lowered eyelids.

It means a photo suitable for official passport use. 

What length are passport photos valid for?

You can only use your passport photo once you have taken it. You should not submit a passport application with an older photo. Your photo must reflect your current and true appearance.

Are my passport photos allowed to be taken at home?

Yes. It's possible to create your own passport photos at home if you have a digital camera, or even a smartphone with a decent camera. It's easy and convenient. You can take as many photos as you want, take as long as you want, try different hairstyles, and take as many pictures until you find the perfect look.

How to pose for a passport picture?

Your head, shoulders, and torso should be directly facing the camera. Your eyes should be directly in the camera's direction. The lens should be approximately four to five feet (one and half meters) from your face. Keep your hands down. Your expression should be natural and neutral, with no big smiling or frowning.

Can we smile on a passport photo of ourselves?

Avoid smiling in a passport photo. It is easy to smile too much. Most regulations encourage applicants to keep their faces neutral. A slight smile is acceptable, provided your lips are sealed and you don't have any visible teeth.

Are passport photos allowed to show your teeth?

Your teeth can't be visible in passport photos. Keep your lips closed, as we've already mentioned. Avoid smiling. Keep your expression natural, simple and neutral.

Are earrings allowed in passport photos?

Both men and women can wear earrings in passport photos, provided that the earrings are not too big. Photos that are too large or that interfere with the oval of the head can be rejected. Instead, stick to simple studs.

Is it possible to wear lipstick on a passport photo?

You can wear lipstick in an official photo, especially if it is part of your everyday look. Keep in mind that the photo will be taken in color. So, make sure to pick a natural lipstick shade that suits your personality.

What to wear when taking passport photos?

The dress code for passport photos can be as simple as wearing anything you wear every day. Camouflage and uniforms are not permitted. All other clothing is allowed, however casual clothes are recommended. If you are traveling mostly for business, and you usually wear business suits, you can wear a suit in your photo. Avoid unusual or extravagant fashions.

How about passport photos with beards?

If you have a beard, you should include it in your passport photo. It is important that you look exactly like you do and that the photo shows how you normally look. Find out more about facial hairs in passport photos.

What color should you wear to take passport photos?

Choose a color that flatters you. white or black are the colors to avoid. Because it blends into the background, making your face appear floating, white. Black because of the contrast between the black clothing and the white background, which may make your facial features appear incorrectly.

What color shirt should I wear for passport photos?

Avoid busy patterns such as stripes, plaids, and prints. Camouflage patterns are prohibited. A single solid color shirt is the best. Any color can be worn, as long as it's not white or black. Wear your favorite color, as long as it looks good on you.

Can I wear a hoodie in a passport photo?

Both yes and no. You can wear the hoodie but not the hood. Let's reread that. While the garment is fine, you can't wear anything on your head. No hats or hoods. If the hood falls behind your shoulders, it is fine.

Can I have my hair up for a passport photo?

If possible, wear your hair as normal. If your hair is too long or covers your face in a way that is difficult to manage, pulling it back or covering it up can be a good option. This will prevent your photo from being disqualified. Learn more requirements regarding hair in passport photos.

Is it permissible to wear turtlenecks in passport photos?

Although turtlenecks can be worn, they are not advised. Regular turtlenecks are a normal choice of clothing and may be worn in passport photos. However, regular turtlenecks must have a low-cut collar and should not be too thick. Your neck and shoulders must still be visible. A turtleneck sweater with a large, fluffy collar is likely to be rejected. The collar must not cover your entire face, as it is unnatural. You should ensure that the collar does not cover your entire face.

Can you wear a cap in a passport photograph?

Caps and hats worn for fashion purposes cannot be worn in passport photos. Only headcovers that are worn daily for religious reasons (yarmulkes or hijabs), or for medical purposes are allowed. A statement attesting the religious or medical necessity of the headgear is required in these cases. For all other cases, don't be shy.

Are passport photos allowed to have ears visible?

It is not necessary that your ears are visible. Only your face must be visible.

Are you required to wear a plain shirt when taking a passport photo in the U.S.?

A shirt in a solid color is better than a shirt in a busy pattern, but it is not necessary. You can wear the clothes you usually wear every day.

If my hair is darker, do I need to update my passport photo?

You don't have to apply for a new passport each time your hair is colored. This would require you to get a new passport multiple times per year for some people. Biometric photos are used by immigration points to compare details that don't change (such distance between your eyes) with details that can change (such hair color). 

What is the best way to get my passport photo changed after plastic surgery?

It all depends on what surgery was done. You can skip replacing your passport if you have a routine nose job that does not alter your profile. Major surgery that alters the appearance of your face will require you to get a new passport. It is crucial that we closely resemble the passport photos.

Are my glasses required for passport photos?

You must take them off. U.S. passport photos no longer allow eyeglasses. Although they were allowed as long as they didn't cause shadows or glare in the passport photos, so many people made such mistakes that it was decided to ban eyeglasses altogether. If they wish to keep prescription glasses for a passport photograph, the applicant must submit a letter from their doctor.

Does my passport photo require me to wear a tie?

A passport photo does not require a tie. While you want to look good in your photo, a tie is not necessary for passport photos. Wear what you wear every day, but keep your clothes casual.

How can women wearing full burkas obtain a passport photograph?

Even women who wear a burqa or a combination of abaya/niqab/hijab must have a biometric passport photo that shows their entire face. They can either verify their identity via fingerprints or verbally at security checkpoints. A female security agent will check the faces of women if necessary. It is illustrated in the case of who was wearing a hijab to take passport photos .

What can you do if your passport photo is too young?

Your passport is only valid for five (five) year if it was issued prior to the age of 16. You don't need to renew your passport before it expires after its five-year term. Don't worry if you feel that your passport photo is too young. You already have a valid, 10-year passport. You can still use your biometric photo to get the job done.

Are passport photos taken with shoulders centered?

Yes. Yes. Your passport photo must be taken in " En-face" format. This means that you should face the camera with your entire face, including your shoulders. It might help to think of it like a police-style "mugshot."

Is it necessary to have a passport picture before you apply for a passport?

After we have discussed the requirements while taking your passport picture, let's move on to passport application and passport photos. A photograph is essential for any application. What about other situations?

Can I change my passport photo?

It is generally possible to change the passport photo.

You cannot, however, do this on your own. Your passport will be invalidated if you make any changes to it. What can you do to make your passport valid again?

Find out more about how to replace a passport photo with a pleasing one. It's easy to create your passport photo with our passport photo tool, which allows unlimited attempts. You can take as many photos as you like until you find the perfect angle.

What happens if my passport photograph is rejected?

Although your passport photos have been approved by your local Passport Acceptance Office, which is usually a U.S. Post Office Branch, it does not guarantee that they will be accepted by the U. S. Department of State. All photos are subject to final approval by the State Department. Sometimes they may reject images for the most minor of reasons.

Don't panic if this happens to your application. The Department of State will send you a letter stating that your application was placed on HOLD for up 90 (ninety), days. This gives you time to submit new photos. Follow the instructions and send new photos.

Do you happen to know who DOES guarantee that their passport photos will be accepted by the State Department? AiPassportPhoto! We guarantee that any passport office around the globe will accept your biometric photos if you use our upgraded paid service.

Is it possible to have your passport photo retaken if you are not satisfied with the results?

Not necessarily. You will be sent a U.S. Department of State letter with 90 days to correct your passport photo after your photo is rejected. You don't need to pay again if you meet the deadline. You cannot resend the passport application fee if you miss the deadline.

How many copies do I need of my photo for my passport application?

Only one color biometric photo is required

It might not be easy to get the perfect photo. Particularly if we plan to keep our passports for many decades.

It might be a good idea to take your own picture at home. AiPassportPhoto is a great option. You can take advantage of our unlimited attempts to capture your essence and make you happy.

Is a folded passport application considered invalid?

An folded application won't be rejected. If you wish, you can fold your application neatly. But do not fold your passport photo! Photos that are damaged or bent will not be accepted.

How can I attach my passport photo to my application?

If you are applying for a passport in person, don't attach your photo to your application. The passport agent will accept your photograph. You do not need to attach or staple the photo. Acceptance agent or passport employee will examine the photo and then staple it.

You must attach one photo to your passport application if you wish to renew an existing passport via mail. Use four staples vertically to attach the photo to your application.

Are passport photos glued to the application?

Passport photos cannot be attached to an application. You must staple them in four corners (or more) as close to the edges of the application as possible.

Can I attach my passport photo to the application?

Sticky tape is not recommended for attaching your photo to an application. As shown, you will need four (or more) staples.

How to staple a passport photograph?

Four staples should be used vertically at the corners, as close as possible to the outer edges. Refer to the following example.

How many photos are needed for passport renewal?

The exact same requirements apply to photos for U.S. passport renewals as previously discussed. The most important points are:

  • The size is 2x2 inches
  • Photograph in color
  • Cropped and centered so that the applicant's head occupies 50%-69% of this picture
  • Print on high-quality photo paper. Scan in minimum 600 dpi resolution.

No matter what renewal method you choose--in-person, by mail, or online, passport renewal --applicants still need to submit a biometric photo with their application.

Do I need a new photograph for my passport renewal?

Yes. Yes. You are likely older now and passport regulations say that your photo cannot be older than six months.

Where can I obtain a passport photograph?

We now know that we need a passport picture to renew or apply for our travel documents. Now, the question is: who takes passport photographs?

Many places can provide this service, including studios that specialize in portraits or events photography. However, professional photographers prefer larger gigs than simple passport photos so it is worth considering the passport specialists.

This is the U.S. Post Office. It's also your Passport Acceptance Office. This service is available at most major drugstores like Walgreens, CVS, and big-box retailers such as Walmart as well as shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx.

Is there a better place to take a passport picture?

It is subjective to decide where the "best place" to take your passport photo. Location is the most important consideration for most people. If you live just around the corner of your local post office but miles away from the nearest Walgreens or Walmart, then you might want to visit the post office as it is the closest location.

Many others consider the price more important than the quality: Why pay $15 at FedEx or the post office when you can have it done at UPS for $11.99 AAA is $8.00 if you are a AAA member. Which is more important: price or location?

The best place to take pictures is at home. You have the freedom to choose the best picture and you can get it for a reasonable price. For more information about taking a passport picture at home, read on.

Where can I obtain a digital passport picture?

Certain countries allow citizens to apply online in order to obtain passports. In these cases, digital images are required. The U.S. does not offer digital passport photos in print shops.

Although some photo booths may give you a code that you can use to upload your digital photograph, this is very rare. You can either hire a professional photographer or use your smartphone or digital camera to take the photo.

Where can I get cheap passport photos?

Walmart is the best place to get your passport photo taken and printed at 2x2 inches. Walmart ($7.44) is the best place to get your photo taken and 2x2 inch passport photos printed. You can also use an app like AiPassportPhoto , or take your own picture with your smartphone. Then you can print your picture at your local drugstore for pennies.

How to get your passport photographs from Walgreens?

Many Walgreens drugstores offer photo service, including printing passport photos 2x2 inches. To find the nearest Walgreens, call them and ask if they offer this service. There is no appointment required. Depending on their busy schedule, you might be able to walk into the store and have your photos taken in less than an hour.

Are all CVS pharmacies able to offer passport photos?

Not all CVS pharmacies offer passport photos. Only CVS pharmacies that have an in-store Photo Center offer this service. There are thousands of CVS locations across the country that offer photo services. Make sure you contact them in advance.

Is it necessary to make an appointment at UPS in order to receive a passport photograph?

Yes. UPS requires appointments at this time for passport photo services.

Is it possible to get a passport picture at Costco?

Costco has stopped offering photo services as of February 2021. Sam's Club does not offer photo services, either.

How much is a passport photo?

Giving the applicants necessary information about passport photo locations, another important detail involves the fees.

The price of passport photos depends on where you shop. The charges may vary from $15 for a pair of passport photos to $7.44, including the printing service. With a printable 4×6 template, you can save much of this price and pay only a few cents for your passport pictures! 

What is the cost of a passport photo at Walgreens?

Walgreens and CVS both raised their prices to $14.99 recently, which places them at the top end of the price spectrum.

What is the cost of a passport photo on CVS?

CVS and Walgreens recently increased their prices to $14.99. This puts them both at high end.

What is the cost of a passport photo taken at the post office?

For a complete set of passport photos, the U.S. Post Office charges $15 This is the maximum anyone should pay.

What is the cost of a Staples passport photograph?

Passport photos are currently available at Staples office supplies stores for $14.99 per pair. AiPassportPhoto is an online photo app that allows you to save money.

What is the cost of a Walmart passport photo?

Walmart offers the lowest prices. They will take your photo and send you a pair prints for $7.44. You can also purchase the prints if you have a digital photo that you can upload to their site. However, it will still cost $7.44. You can save money by purchasing prints at 25 cents per.

How to print passport-size photos?

Either you have just taken your passport picture, or perhaps you have one that is suitable for biometric passport photos. You need to print it. But what can you do?

The U.S. Department of State is strict about accepting photographs for passports. Photographs must be high quality and properly exposed, contrasted, and saturated. Photos must be printed on high quality photographic paper, without streaks, blobs, or smears. Poor pictures are the #1 reason that a passport application will be placed on HOLD.

High-quality photographic printing services can be found at large retailers such as Walmart or at drugstores like Walgreens. You also have the option to find printing and shipping companies like FedEx Office. AiPassportPhoto can deliver your high-quality prints right to your home.

How to print passport photos from home?

You need more than just photographic paper to print color photos at home. A true dye-sublimation printer is required. These machines are more expensive than regular inkjet printers and are only for professional and serious photographers.

If you are in this category and you have the gear, then you don't need me telling you how to use it. Make sure the printed photos are high quality and have proper exposure, contrast, saturation.

How to print passport-size photos without Photoshop?

Photoshop offers a 4x6" canvas that is perfect for two U.S. passport photos. Photoshop is a popular program, but not everyone knows how to use it. AiPassportPhoto offers a 4x6" template that you can also use. However, your photo is already cropped and ready to be cut.

Our step-by-step guide to printing passport photos on a template 4x6 It takes just 5 minutes to complete the process and you'll have photos that are already sized according to official government regulations.

Is it possible to print a passport photo on regular paper?

A passport photo cannot be printed on regular paper. Passport photos must be printed on photographic paper, such as Kodak. This is the number one reason passport applications are rejected.

How can I print a 2x2 passport picture?

American passport dimensions are 2 inches by 2.25 inches. Many places can take passport photos and have them printed out on-the-spot. The most popular options for this service include your local U.S. Post Office and most drugstores like CVS and Walgreens as well as big-box retailers such Walmart and FedEx Office. Prices range from $7.44 - $15.00

If you have a digital photo and just need to print it, you can save more than 95% by printing both passport photos onto one postcard with our 4"x6 template. 

Is it possible to print my own passport photo at Walgreens?

Walgreens won't provide you with a digital passport picture, but they can print digital photos. You can take a JPEG file of your passport photo to Walgreens and have it printed for you.

For 37 cents each, they print glossy 4x6-color photos in glossy color. If you use AiPassportPhoto, you can print two identical passport-sized photos from one 4x6 template.

Can I print my passport application black and white?

Yes, you can print your application in black or white. However, your passport photo must be in living colour.

How to take your passport photo?

Sometimes, it might not be possible for you to travel to the nearest passport photo location. In these cases, we remind you that it is possible to take your passport photos at home. Even better, they can be taken at home.

A smartphone or digital camera can be used. You should ensure that the equipment is not too close to your face. Ask a friend or family member to take a photo of you.

The image can be saved as a JPEG. Next, crop, size, and edit it using your favorite image-editing software such as AiPassportPhoto or Photoshop. The final photo can be professionally printed at the print shop or photography studio of your choice.

How to take a great passport photo?

Poor passport photos can be criticised by the U.S. Department of State, as we have already mentioned. You must not only follow all rules regarding how to crop and compose the image correctly but also ensure that the submitted photo is high quality.

Lighting is crucial. A ring light is not necessary. It's better to use daylight. Place yourself in front a window so the sun illuminates both your faces evenly. If possible, use sheer curtains to diffuse light. However, cloud cover is also an option. Avoid flash photography as flash can create the "red eye" effect which will cause your photo to be disqualified.

How to take a flattering photo for your passport?

Your new U.S. passport is valid for ten year, which is a whole decade! You want a passport photo you love and are proud of. These are some tips for taking a flattering passport photo.

  • Before you take your photos, be well-rested. Do not have bags or dark circles under your eyes.
  • Turn on the music. You can relax and unwind, and it will make the process even more enjoyable. NOTE: You cannot wear headphones or earbuds in this picture!

Both men and women can experiment with their wardrobes, hair, and makeup. After all, the best thing about shooting at home is being able to create different looks. Take your time.

How to take passport pictures at home without shadows?

Your passport photo should be well lit without shadows. Proper lighting is key. You can use a ringlight or diffused sunlight by standing next to a window on cloudy days. Avoid overhead lighting, as they can create shadows under your eyes. Also, avoid flashing your smartphone or camera with flash functions, as this can lead to the red-eye effect.

Shadows cannot be cast on a white background. Therefore, you must ensure that the background is well lit. To avoid creating shadows on your background, stand far enough from it.

AiPassportPhoto has a background-removal tool that can transform any background from an unprofessional to a flawless one.

How to take a passport picture with an iPhone?

It is simple to take your passport photo if your Apple iPhone is your primary camera. You can either get a friend to help or a tripod. Use diffused daylight or a ring light for proper illumination. You should take your time and capture images that satisfy both your personal needs as well as the requirements of the U.S. State Department.

How can you create a passport-like image with your smartphone or computer?

We have made it clear that we will now be focusing more on technological solutions for creating and editing passport photos. Let's start by looking at different options for your photos.

Your smartphone is better than your computer's camera. To make the photo passport-style, use AiPassportPhoto on your smartphone.

How can I convert my U.S. passport picture into a photo 3x4 cm?

AiPassportPhoto makes it easy to use the same digital photo for multiple documents. The same photo you used for your U.S. Passport can be used again. We crop it to 2 by 2 inches for U.S. passport application. Now, select the Venezuela passport. This passport requires a cropped photograph of 3 by 4 cm. The online app will crop and resize the photo to new dimensions. You can then print it at your preferred photo shop as usual.

How can I scan my passport photo to my computer?

Your scanner's resolution should be at least 600 dpi. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to scan your photo at the "existing size". It can be saved to your computer as JPEG files so you can crop it and resize to passport dimensions with your preferred image manipulation software.

How to scan a passport photograph?

A digital copy of your passport photo is a smart idea. You can easily print your passport photo at any copy shop in case you need it. AiPassportPhoto will email you a digital copy.

A flatbed scanner/printer is the best way to scan a passport or photo. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. You can scan your document at FedEx Office if you don't have one.

Your image can be saved as a JPEG. You should ensure that your image resolution is at minimum 600 dpi. Also, that you scan the image at its original size.

How to create a white background for your passport photo?

The easiest way to create white backgrounds is to simply stand in front of white walls. Make sure the wall is uniform in color and does not have shadows or glares. A white sheet can be used to cover a wall that isn't white. Professional photographers use this method. You must ensure that the sheet is not striped or patterned and that it is wrinkle-free.

You may not have a white wall or clean sheets so you might consider using a digital photo editor to create an electronic white background.

How to crop a passport picture?

The maximum size of the photo should be 2 by 2 inches. The frame should center the head. Your head should be at least 1 inch (25 mm to 35 mm) high from your top hair to your bottom chin. As shown in the image below, ensure that your eyes are at least 1 1/8 inches high.

How to use the Walmart passport tool?

The Walmart passport tool interface is intuitive and very user-friendly. To get started, you will need to create an Account and Log in. Drag-and-drop photos can be uploaded from your social media accounts or you can drag-and drop them into the app. The app knows how to crop, crop, and frame passport photos in the United States. Photo editing is easy. The total cost of the service is $7.44. This is lower than many other similar services.

How to take passport-sized photos with your smartphone?

Most smartphones have digital cameras that are good enough to take passport-quality pictures. Don't hesitate to use your smartphone for your photo.

First, the subject must be at least four feet from the camera.

To crop or resize the image to the desired dimensions, you'll need to use a photo editor. This feature was once offered by the U.S. Department of State on its website. However, it required Adobe Flash which is no longer supported. To create a canvas that is 4x6 inches in size, you can either use Photoshop or one of the many online services.

Passport photos: remaining questions

Now it's time to ask applicants additional questions about their biometric photos.

plastic data pages. The engraving is in black and White.

What is a passport back photo?

Your U.S. passport photo should be left blank at the back. You should leave the back of your U.S. passport photo blank. The U.S. does not have such requirements. Some governments may require that you or your guarantor sign the back or have the photographer stamp it.

Why is my U.S. passport picture black and white?

In 2021, the United States began issuing NGPs (or "next generation passports"). The NGP includes several new security features including the photograph. It is not a photograph, but it is laser-engraved into the

Who can sign my passport photograph?

Some countries require that a "guarantor", who is someone you know, sign your passport photo back. This will attest that you are their known person and that the photograph was taken by you. They must also write "I certify that this is a true likeness to (your name)" at the back of your passport photo.

The guarantor must be someone you have known for at least two consecutive years, and usually related by marriage or birth. This was once possible for physicians, but they are no longer able to do it as it takes away time from their practice of medicine.

However! However, the U.S. Department of State doesn't require a guarantor to sign. In America, signing the back of your passport photo is not required.

What should I do if my passport photocopies are stolen?

In case your passport is lost or stolen, it's a good idea to have a photocopy (and other documents like your driver's licence and birth certificate). What if your photocopy is stolen? Do you need to be concerned?

No. No. Your passport information (your name, passport number, issue date and expiration dates) is not considered sensitive personal information.


Your passport is valid for 10 years so make sure you look good in your photo. You don't have to settle for a generic drugstore mugshot. AiPassportPhoto offers an app that allows you to easily take your own photos. You can take passport photos at home in comfort and privacy. This will allow you to relax, rather than rush. It also means you get better photos.

Also, you can save up to half the price of other services when you purchase our photo service. We offer a 200% guarantee that your photos will be accepted at the passport office, or you get your money back.


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