Guidelines for passport photo : 10+ The main rules to follow

aipassportphoto.com / 2022-11-18

Guidelines for basic passport photos

Before you begin making passport photos, it is important to understand the basics of passport photography that are used in every country.

These are the most important requirements for perfect passport photos.

  • The image size varies from one country to another so it is important to know what passport size you need for each country to which you are making the photos.
  • Photos should be printed on high quality photo paper and colored.
  • Your face should be exposed from the top of your head to the chin in the photo.
  • The expression used in the photo should not be offensive.
  • The camera should be viewed from both eyes.
  • The photo should not include headphones, wireless hands-free devices, or similar items.
  • To reflect your current appearance, the photo must be taken within 6 months.

These are the mistakes you should avoid when taking a passport photo

These are the mistakes you need to avoid when taking a passport picture.

  • The person should not tilt their heads towards the camera. Instead, they should face the camera straight forward with both eyes open.
  • Passport photos should not have red eyes.
  • Strong flashes should not be used as they can make photos brighter.
  • Photos should not be too dark.

Head coverings are not accepted when taking a passport photo

In the passport photo, the person should not be wearing any head gears or hats. You may be denied your passport application if you are wearing any head gears while taking a passport picture.

You can still take passport photos if you are regularly wearing religious attires such as a hijab, a turban, or any other similar religious attire. However, you should not cover your vital facial features with the attire.

Passport photo: Glasses

Most countries don't recommend that you wear glasses to take passport photos. It doesn't really matter if you use them often.

A person can only request an exception if they have had recent eye surgery. However, they must submit a letter from a qualified physician to the authorities following these guidelines

  1. You must be able to see clearly.
  2. There is no flash reflection from the glasses.
  3. No tinted lenses
  4. Avoid heavy-framed glasses if possible
  5. You should not wear frames that cover your eyes.

Children passport photo

We've now seen the passport photos guidelines for adults. Let us see what guidelines each country has created for passport photos of infants.

Here are some things you should do

  • The baby should look straight at the camera, showing its full face and both ears.
  • The baby's face should be neutral.
  • The photo should show both eyes clearly.
  • Background for baby passport photos should be white, or any other light color such as pale yellow, pale green, and so on.
  • Your photo should be clear, sharp and high quality.
  • It is a good idea to take passport photos in bright light so that there are no shadows on the background or in the face.

You should be aware of these things

  • The passport photo should not show the baby smiling or opening his mouth.
  • The baby shouldn't close his eyes.
  • Passport photos should not include any external objects, such as toys or parent hands.
  • The camera should never be seen by the baby.
  • Passport photos should not have a dark background.
  • Shadows are not allowed in the background or face of the passport photo.

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