How to check my passport photo DPI and how to covert it?

aipassportphoto.com / 2022-12-12

How do I find the DPI of my passport photo?

Passport photos cannot pass official requirements, possibly because of the low DPI. In this case, you can change it. What is DPI? How can you find out the DPI of a photo?

DPI (dots/inch) is a term used to describe the quality and resolution of a passport photo. Higher values will result in sharper and more detailed photos when printed. Passport Photos with higher DPI can be magnified more before pixelation begins. You can use Aipassportphoto.com to make your passport photo, which is so time-saving and easy.

You can identify the DPI value of your passport photos and determine the best ways to manipulate it. You should be able to resize passport photos with a higher DPI value without losing quality. However, it is more difficult to do this for images with lower DPI.

The standard value 300 DPI is used for digital printing, A5 to A0. This is sufficient to print text and photos with high quality and good detail. How do you determine if a photo has 300 DPI or less?

It is actually quite simple to find out the DPI of an image both on Windows and Mac.

  • Mac: Open the image in Finder.
  • Windows: Find the image in File Explorer. Right-click on the image and select Properties. Click the Details tab. Look for Horizontal resolution or Vertical resolution. This will display the image's DPI.

You now know how to check the value. How about changing it? It's easy to do with the following tool. You only need to:

1. Open Clideo’s DPI Converter to upload a photo or select it from your cloud storage.

2. You can choose a DPI value to enter or select a DPI that you wish to set.

3.Wait for the processing time to complete, then save it to your device or upload to your cloud storage. That's it!

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