U.S. Passport Fees – How Much Are They?

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Current U.S. passport fees - first time application

When you apply for your first time using form DS-11, the standard U.S. passport fee will be charged along with the execution fee. The amount of the first fee will depend on the type of document you request.

  • Passport: $130
  • Passport card: $30
  • Passport card and book: $160

All three transactions are subject to a $35 execution fee

It will cost $165 to get a passport booklet, $65 to get a passport card and $195 for both documents. For passport replacement (lost or stolen document), the same fees apply.

U.S. passport fees and card fees for minors

The fees for a U.S. passport for a minor (under 16) will be 23% lower (for an application for a passport book), but they will still have to pay the execution fee. For a minor's passport, you will need to pay:

  • Passport: $100
  • Passport card: $15
  • Passport card and book: $115

You will need to pay $135 for a book and $50 for a card. $150 is for the combination.

U.S. passport renewal fees

The situation may be slightly different if you need to renew passport using form DS-82. According to the U.S. State Department, renewal fees are the same as those for the first issuance. However, you won't have to pay an execution fee.

The total cost for a passport book will be $130, $30, and $160, respectively.

Children under 16 (sixteen) are still subject to the same conditions, as passport renewals for minors are not possible. You will need to renew your passport with form DS-11 once it expires. The fees remain the same.

U.S. passport expedited fee

You can pay an additional amount to speed up the processing time at any US passport agency. The National Passport Processing Center will prepare your document in between 5 and 7 weeks. (The routine service takes 8 to 11 months, not including postal times). To speed up the delivery, you can pay for an additional 1-2 day.

According to the Department of State fees for expedited passport renewal and passport issuance are:

  • $60 expedited processing
  • $18.32 for 1-2-day delivery (not available to passport cards only)

All citizens of the United States can access these passport services. You can also pay the U.S. renewal fees for expedited processing if your application is from Canada via mail (form DS-82).

You can apply from abroad by visiting the U.S. Consulate or Embassy. Sometimes, it is possible to access similar services in order to obtain your passport quicker, depending on where you live.

Accepted payment methods for passport fees in the U.S.

The payment options for U.S. passport fees vary depending on where and how you apply.

You can submit your application at Passport Acceptance Facility. They will accept two forms of payment.

They will accept checks or money orders made payable to the "US Department of State" for U.S. passport application fees.

You can pay the execution fee with:

  • Money order
  • Check out
  • Cash (only in certain cases and exact amounts only)
  • Credit card (at the Post Office).
  • They will accept your application if you present it to a passport agency
  • Money order
  • Check out
  • All major credit cards
  • Only for Mastercard and Visa debit cards
  • Cash (exact amount only).
  • Prepaid credit card (Visa or Mastercard only)

You can only pay with a check or money order if you apply by mail from the USA. You will need to contact the Embassy or Consulate in your country for information.

All fees required to obtain a U.S. passport, except for the expedited fee, are non-refundable.

The current U.S. passport fee - summarising

The fees required to apply for a U.S. passport change depending on what type of document or service you request.

The standard U.S. passport application fees and the execution fee must be paid for the first application. There is no execution fee for renewals.

You can purchase expedited processing if you urgently need your passport. This will allow you to have your document ready in as little as 5 (five) to 7 (7 (seven) days.

Before you submit your application, ensure you have the correct payment method. Depending on where you are going, different forms may be accepted.

Fees to obtain a U.S. passport

We will end this guide by answering a few questions about U.S. passport fees.

What are the current U.S. passport fee rates?

A passport book for adults costs $130 and a card $30 respectively, while both cards are $160. A passport book is $100 and a card $15. Both are $115 for minors. You will need to pay $35 more for each document after your first application.

How do I pay U.S. passport fees

While the accepted payment methods may vary between offices, a check or money order payable to "U.S.A." will be accepted. Any passport agency or centre will approve the Department of State. Many will accept prepaid and credit cards. You will need to give the exact amount if they accept cash.

What are the passport renewal fees?

You only need to pay the $130 book application fee, $30 card, and both $160 execution fee to renew your passport.

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