Discover 15 Fun Tidbits About China

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China is a fascinating country with a rich history and culture. From its stunning natural landscapes to its bustling cities, there are many interesting facts about China that are worth exploring. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most fun and interesting facts about China that you may not know.

1. Debunking the Myth: The Great Wall of China is Not Visible from Space

Despite popular belief, the Great Wall of China is not visible from space. The thin structure, spanning over three thousand miles, is too small to be seen by the naked eye from such a great distance.

2. One Timezone to Rule Them All: China Functions in Beijing Time

Despite spanning five geographical time zones, China functions solely in Beijing time. The east and west ends of the country share the same timezone.

3. Chopsticks Galore: China Produces 63 Million Pairs Every Year

China is known for its chopstick culture, and it's no surprise that the country produces a staggering 63 million pairs (or 126 million single chopsticks) every year. Some types of chopsticks take up to a month to be crafted!

4. Rice: The Surprising Ingredient Used in the Construction of the Great Wall

Rice is a staple in Chinese cuisine, but did you know it was also used in the construction of the Great Wall of China? Ancient builders used glutinous rice flour as a binding material to connect the bricks.

5. Time Travel Ban: TV Shows and Movies About Time Travel are Banned in China

China's regulators have banned TV shows and movies about time travel, citing concerns that they promote feudalism, superstition, and fatalism. This ban is part of the country's strict regulations on media content.

6. The Need for Speed: China's Maglev Train is the Fastest in the World

China's Maglev train, operating in Shanghai, can reach a speed of 380 miles per hour. It transports millions of people every year, making it one of the most efficient modes of transportation in the world.

7. All Aboard: China's Railway Network Could Loop Around the Earth 3 Times

China's railway network spans 146,300 km, which means that if you were to combine all the railways in the country, you could loop around the Earth three times.

8. Panda Diplomacy: Nearly All Pandas in the World are Owned by the Chinese Government

Pandas are an integral part of Chinese heritage and diplomacy. The Chinese government owns nearly all the pandas in the world and often grants them as gifts to other nations to foster diplomatic ties.

9. From Cooking Tool to Utensil: The Evolution of Chinese Chopsticks

Chopsticks were originally meant as a cooking tool, but as the population grew, civilians started using them as utensils to eat. This cost-saving habit eventually became a cultural norm.

10. Sweet Origins: Ancestor of Ice Cream Was Created in China

Ice cream's origins can be traced back to China, where chefs mixed cooked rice with spices and milk and left the mixture in the snow to solidify.

11. The Color of Love: Chinese Brides Wear Red Dresses

Red is a symbol of success, harmony, honor, fertility, and love in Chinese culture. That's why Chinese brides primarily wear red dresses on their wedding day.

12. The Ominous Number: Why the Chinese Avoid Using the Number 4

The Chinese avoid using the number 4 in phone numbers and addresses because its pronunciation is similar to the word for "death." This belief is part of the country's widespread Fengshui culture.

13. The Chinese Zodiac: Every Year is Named After an Animal

Each year in the Chinese calendar is named after an animal in the Chinese zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

14. Icemen for the Emperor: The Tang Dynasty's Ice Cream Makers

Emperor Shang of the Tang Dynasty had 94 "icemen" responsible for preparing his ice cream. The dish was made from buffalo milk, flour, and camphor, with honey as the first flavor.

15. Sky High: A New Skyscraper is Built Every Few Days in China

China is a hub for modern architecture, with constructors building over a hundred 150-meter buildings or higher every year. Statistically speaking, a new skyscraper pops up every few days in China.

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