How to compress photos to meet passport photo requirements with online tools? 5 easy steps

aipassportphoto.com / 2022-11-15

You've likely been in this position at least once in your lifetime, where you uploaded your application photo online for your passport application, but it failed to meet the file size requirements.

You tried to reduce the size by compressing the photo, but ended up with a poor quality photo that was not compressed well enough to meet the requirements of the application.

No more worries! We've come up with a solution to compress your photos according to file size and apply online using aipassportphoto.com. From this guide, you will learn more useful information.

  • It is important to have your digital applications photos.
  • Why the website specifies a range of sizes for uploading your biometric photo in all online applications?It is so easy to reduce the size of any online photo application.
  • This is the right tool for you if you are having difficulty compressing your application images to the correct file size.

Let's dive into the guide.

It is important to have your digital applications photos.

Technology is constantly improving, and there are huge improvements in how documents can be saved and processed.

Digitalization is a growing trend that people are using less paper and fewer physical documents.

If you don't understand what we are trying to say, ask yourself when the last time you went into a local store to print your application photos. People use tools like aipassportphoto.com to edit and compress photos for their online applications.

Digital photos may lead to a more eco-friendly environment. However, digital documents and photos are increasingly being used by more companies.

Even the government can now file documents online for citizens to obtain their visas or passports. Interns also support users to use digital documents, photos and videos.

However, digital photos still pose a problem. After receiving your digital application photos you cannot upload them immediately to any online application portal.

Some restrictions apply, such as a reduced file size or acceptable file formats (e.g. To reduce server storage space, jpeg is required.

Websites that require a certain size range to upload photos for applications

When uploading photos, the service providers will give an indication of their file size requirements.

Problem is, we have to reduce the image without losing the quality.

To do this, you will need a photo compressor.

However, the majority of photo compressors can be used to reduce the quality of images without affecting their image quality.

You can also use photoshop to reduce file sizes, but you need to be able to edit in photoshop first before compressing.

Here is where aipassportphoto.com comes handy to compress photo for your applications according to their restricted file sizes.

Aipassportphoto compresses images and creates photos that meet multiple photo requirements automatically.

These requirements include image background, head position, eye position, image dimensions, head size, etc.

Below is the process for compressing photos for applications.

For any online application, you can compress  photo to correct size.

This is one of our newest features, allowing you to compress images for online applications according to your file size.

These are the steps to make your application photos according to your file size.

Make US Passport Photo
Make US Passport Photo