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Passport copy certificate process

A notary public or other certified individual will compare the passport copy to the original and attach a notarial certification certifying that the copy is identical to the original. Sometimes, the notary may also certificate other documents like a will. To verify that the signature is authentic, the notary watches the signing party and compares it to the document. However, this depends on the state laws as not all states allow notary certification. Michigan, for example, does not allow notaries to certify copies. California, however, allows notaries to certify copies.

You might be able just to bring the original document and a copy to a notary. The notary will then certify them after comparing the documents and verifying their authenticity. In other states, you can bring the original document(s), along with the original, to a notary and have them make a duplicate and certify it.

Documents that are not copy-certified

Commonly certified documents include passports and driver's licences.

Certain documents are not eligible for certification, such as vital records. A notary certificate of marriage, birth, or death is not accepted by most states. These vital records should be obtained from the agency that issued the original document.

Copy of passport certification by document custodian

The document custodian will perform a copy certification. This is a sworn statement that the custodian has signed. A jurat is a document that the document custodian signs stating that they have created a correct and true copy of the original document. The notary public must sign the jurat document. It acts as an oath.

A certified copy of your passport is required by

A request can be made for a certified, true copy of a passport by individuals. The letter should contain the individual's name and contact details (address and phone number), date and birth, as well as the year that the passport was issued. If you don't know the exact year of your passport's issuance (or are unable to remember), the approximate year may be used. Make sure that the note mentions that it is approximate.

It would be beneficial to have a passport number. However, if the individual cannot remember it, it would be helpful to include it. But it is not required. A true copy of the passport must be attached to any request for a copy. All requests must be signed and witnessed. The fee is $50 and the letter must be mailed to:

U.S. Department of State Law Enforcement Liaison Division. CA/PPT/S/L/LE. 1150 Passport Services Place. 4th Floor. Dulles, VA 20189-1150. Phone: 202-485-6550

Passports issued prior to 1925

National Archives can be reached at:

  • Address: National Archives and Records Administration Archives 1 Reference Branch 8th & Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20408 Email inquiry@nara.gov Telephone:1-866-3255-7208

FAQ: Certified copy of passport

What is a certified duplicate of a document?

A certified copy is a duplicate of an original document that has been certified by an authorized official to be a true copy. This type of copy includes a stamp, seal, and signature that certify that it is a correct and true copy.

How do you certify duplicates of a passport?

You can have an attorney or notary certified copies of your passport records in most states. You should be aware that not all states permit notary certification of original documents like birth certificates.

What is the best way to get a genuine copy of my passport from a passport agency?

Passport agencies cannot issue certified copies of passport records.

Final thoughts

A certified copy of your passport could be an essential part of your life. Although it may seem like a simple formality, it can be quite difficult. Before you begin searching for a notary public to obtain a certified copy, it is important to do your research. Some states won't accept certified copies of documents, while others will. To make the bureaucratic process smoother, ensure you choose a competent notary.

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